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Welcome to the New Weybridge Mariners' Website

The centre picture of our heading features HRH Prince Michael of Kent with Wendy Hurrell our Commodore in 2009 when he visited our club with the Dunkirk Little Ships. Also pictured is the MTB102 which once carried Winston Churchill and General Eisenhower to review an assembled fleet on the south coast for the D-Day landings.  The Little Ships visit every year bringing the Veterans from Kingston to our clubhouse for lunch and entertainment.

Last year on Sunday the 16th September 2012 we were proud to once again host the Dunkirk Veterans along with some of the Chelsea Pensioners, Normandy Veterans and some of the original Commandos for lunch and entertainment. They came up aboard the Little Ships with HRH Prince Michael of Kent, the ADLS Honorary Admiral who was aboard MTB102. Our Commodore Gill Watson welcomed everyone and we were again treated by the fabulous Sophie Garner to many of the old wartime songs so enjoyed by our guests 

Weybridge Mariners are now on Facebook ! Our thanks to Gavin Streeter.  The link is http://www.facebook.com/weybridgemarinersclub.

 The  Mariners' site now includes the latest Down River Cruises.  Over the years, our often small boats, have visited many places where other Thames boaters have not been.  Read about some of our more recent adventures under Articles. See our History which has been amended to cover previous omissions.  We are indebted to Vic and Joyce for the pre fire write up which took over a year liaising with Len Outtrim and Terry Tappin.    

Visit our Gallery to see pictures of the 2010 Dunkirk Vets visit to our clubhouse with the Little Ships.  See the video to watch part of the entertainment. Now added to the Gallery under Sailpast are pictures from 2009. These include a picture of the ADLS vessel Naiad Errant belonging to WMC member Sandy Evans.   We are indebted to Paul Holmes for the pictures of our Sailpast 2012 which can now also be seen in the Gallery.

See also pictures from the past in the Gallery under 'Historical' supplied by Spencer Smith, grandson of Wally Hillyer, who was a past member of the Mariners.

Latest update :  Roger Francis carried out a restoration and modification project on an old river tug that was built in Faversham.  Continuing on from the WMC Dunkirk 2000 crossing he and Jean spent a considerable time in Europe.  The account of this and other trips can be viewed under Articles.  See also 'A Letter from America' - not from Alistair Cooke but Jonathan Cooke. This is a very interesting input from an early member of WMC.  Please see under History where it has been added to supplement the current write up.  An article on the 'Amy Jane' ferry has also been added.

Our aim is to make this the most popular club on this part of the Thames.  We are particularly keen to attract young boaters.  If you want to have company on a first trip down to St. Kats, Queenborough or further - this is the club for you to join.    

Congratulations to Steve Newman and his staff for winning the 2012 Best Lock on the Thames award which was voted for by the public. This was the second year running for Shepperton to be the clear winner.

Weybridge Mariners Club was formed in 1960. It’s first home was part of a Wey Wheat Barge called Greywell.  In 1973 the ‘club’ moved to its site on Shepperton Lock Island .  Through the years 'The Mariners' joined the Association of Thames Yacht Clubs (ATYC), the Royal Yachting Association (RYA), the Inland Waterways Association (IWA) and the RNLI. They have exerted their influence in all manner of things boating and are members of various working groups, such as the Parliamentary Waterways Group (PWG), River Users Group 8 (RUG8).


Weybridge Mariner Club 

The club has had a close connection with the Association of Dunkirk Little Ships and each Autumn the Club pays host to the Dunkirk Veterans. They arrive in a fitting fashion on a river trip provided by the Dunkirk Little Ships based on the Thames . We have an undertaking that we will continue this event until the last Dunkirk survivor is fit enough to make the trip and wants to do so.(See pictures in the Photo Gallery)The Mariners' boats travel up and down the River Thames and visit France , Belgium , Holland & canals and the South and East Coasts of England.

Sadly on March 2nd 2006 disaster struck and a fire broke out in the clubhouse. The clubhouse was completely destroyed along with all of its memorabilia.  Building Regulations, Planning requirements, Health and Safety commitments and standards for the utilities are all to a far more stringent level from when the clubhouse was first renovated in 1972.  This resulted in a considerable shortfall on our Insurance cover as it had been based on the costs of the original renovation updated for inflation. Fortunately, we had an architect within our membership plus many building skills. Members rallied together and we now have one of the finest clubhouses on the Thames. See our History page for the full story


We are now pleased to announce that we have moorings available.  Please call 01932 702279 for further information





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